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Red Honey by Afrodis Munyangaju

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Mighty Valley

Origin Kivu Sector, Nyamasheke District, Western Province
Process Honey
Varietal Red Bourbon
Impressions Candy Apple, Red Grapes, Cherry, Complex
Roast City
Body Rich

Altitude 1535-1900masl
Farmer Afrodis Munyangaju

2021 Rwanda national farmgate price 245 Rwanda Francs/kg cherry.
2021 Baho farmgate price Akagera Cyeshero HIll 480 Rwanda Francs/kg cherry.
2021 FOT Kigali price to Baho for Cyeshero Hill $4.75USD/lb.

We access this coffee via Semilla Coffee Importers and Advocacy in Montreal. Learn more about Semilla’s program with Baho Coffee here

Roaster's Notes The Red Honey roast has a delicate sweetness, mild fruity acidity and a rich syrupy body. The aromas of berry and apple come through on the nose and in the aftertaste. This coffee really shines as filter coffee, we recommend trying out this single producer coffee (Afrodis Munyangaju) with an Aeropress or your favourite pour over.

Processing details

The honey process is a method of coffee production that is gaining popularity among coffee farmers and roasters. It is a variation of the traditional washed process, where the coffee beans are removed from the cherry, washed, and then dried.

In the honey process, however, the outer skin of the coffee cherry is removed, but some or all of the sticky mucilage (honey-like substance) is left on the bean. The amount of mucilage left on the bean can vary, ranging from white (full honey) to yellow (semi-honey) to red (black honey).

The coffee beans are then spread out to dry, either on raised beds or on patios, depending on the producer's preference. As the beans dry, the sticky mucilage can ferment and impart flavours into the coffee, giving it a unique sweetness, fruitiness, and complexity.

The honey process is considered a middle ground between the washed process, which produces a clean, bright flavor profile, and the natural process, which produces a fruitier, heavier-bodied coffee. The honey process can result in a coffee that is sweet, balanced, and nuanced, with notes of honey, fruit, and florals.