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Mighty Valley

Lombardy Espresso

Lombardy Espresso

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Origin Rwanda, Peru, India
Process Washed
Varietal Bourbon, Typica, Robusta
Aroma Roasted Almond, Baker's Chocolate, Complex
Roast Viennese
Body Rich
Acidity Moderate

Roasters Notes Lombardy Espresso boasts a muted acidity, full chewy body, and faint sweetness. The chocolatey and delicate acidic notes come from the Rwanda and Peru beans, and the earthy aromas from the Indian Robusta create a harmonious blend. This blend has a traditional profile, not to acidic and not too roasty.   

A bit about Lombardy Espresso This blend is inspired by a classic Italian espresso recipe and the contemporary third-wave coffee movement. We roast each of the three origins separately and then blend them together after the roasting process. Robusta is often added to the blend for a typical Italian espresso, although it is often maligned in the specialty coffee industry, being more commonly associated with commodity and instant coffee blends. Lombardy espresso features only 10% Robusta, allowing the intense flavour of the Robusta to be complemented by the other three beans in the blend. Furthermore, Kaapi Royal Robusta is the highest quality Robusta from India, making it a perfect complement in this espresso blend.

The Lombardy region in Italy has been at the forefront of espresso inventions and innovations since the birth of the espresso machine. Lombardy, Ontario, is also the childhood stomping grounds of Roaster Jarryd. The name Lombardy Espresso is a symbolic and playful connection between two different cultures.

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