Our Approach

Hi - we are Jarryd and Josie and we love coffee! We are also determined to contribute to a better coffee value chain: one that compensates coffee producers with a living wage for their labour and where roasters share risk with producers/producer group partners by committing to their product year after year. 

Since opening in 2020, we have been continually learning and finding ways to improve our work in our small corner of this global industry. To this end, we are constantly engaging with resources to learn more about the specialty coffee industry, connecting with importers and producer groups, and working  to understand the impacts that global crises of climate change and capitalism are having on coffee crops/harvests and farmer livelihoods now and into the future. 

We are a small operation - functionally run solely by our roaster, Jarryd Lee, from his hometown of Smiths Falls, ON. All of our coffee is roasted in small batches in a 5Kg Toper Drum roaster with the aid of Artisan profiling software. 

We love to experiment and play with each new bean to find the ideal roast profile that brings out its subtle qualities, flavour, and natural sweetness. Coffee is our passion and we are delighted to share our roasts with you!

Our commitments:

  • Keeping up with best practices for traceability and accountability in third wave coffee sourcing;
  • Continually learning and thinking critically about social, spatial, and environmental justice in all dimensions of our work;
  • Creating consistent coffee roasts in small batches;
  • Ensuring a supply of fresh and delicious coffee for our customers in the Ottawa Valley and beyond.