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Bourbon Bouquet

Bourbon Bouquet

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Origin Bushekeri Sector, Nyamasheke District, Western Province, Rwanda
Producer Group Baho
Process Natural
Varietal Red Bourbon
Aroma Candy Apple, Red Grapes, Cherry, Wild 
Roast City
Acidity Complex

Washing Station Ngoma
Average Farm Size .66 hectares
Altitude 1500-1900 masl
Farmgate Price: 600 RWF/kilogram + secondary payment of 30 RWF/kilogram
FOB Price $4.08USD/lb

Roaster's Notes This Natural process red bourbon coffee has fruity acidity, natural fruity sweetness and a creamy texture. There is so much complexity to this coffee! 

A bit about the Ngoma Washing Station Ngoma is a newer station in the Baho Coffee lineup that Baho Coffee purchased in late 2019. It’s located in the famed Nyamasheke district and set in one of the most stunningly beautiful locations, directly on the shores of Lake Kivu. 780 farmers deliver to this station, which translates to around 575 bags of exportable green coffee each season. This makes it one of Baho’s smallest stations, and likely will be the focus of much of the quality program for years to come.

In Emmanuel’s words "To be honest, this is my best ever coffee washing station (CWS), with good view and romantic attractions in Rwanda. It is located on shores of Kivu Lake with multiple options to connect with islands and other cherry collection sides. It is a very quality potential area, and in the ongoing Rwanda coffee appellation project, this CWS is selected because it has a unique profile that might be only found in hills around this CWS" C.E.O of Baho Coffe Emmanuel Rusatira (visit Baho Coffee's website here)

We access this coffee via Semilla Coffee Importers and Advocacy in Montreal. Learn more about Semilla’s partnership with with the Baho program in Rwanda here!

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