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Mighty Valley


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Origin Burundi
Process Double Washed
Varietal Bourbon
Aroma Tart Cherry, Winey
Roast City
Body Delicate


This single-origin organic coffee is lightly roasted to keep all of the complex flavours of the beans intact. These coffee beans are handpicked and processed at local washing stations in Burundi where they are double washed and double fermented. This unique processing method results in very clean, bright flavour profiles and is a typical processing technique used in both Burundi and Rwanda.  Look out for the tart cherry and winey aromas of this bourbon varietal as you grind and sip this awesome bean!

This bean is brought to you from the highlands of Burundi by Deborah Ntawigiria and her mother Consolta of Izere Coffee in Ottawa who work directly with small-holder coffee farmers and cooperatives in Burundi. As a women-owned business, Izere also prioritizes the employment of local women in the leadership of their facilities and operations in Burundi. 



This single-origin coffee comes to you from the hills of Intag, Ecuador
via a direct trade partnership between our friends at Cloud Forest
Coffee and a local farmers’ cooperative, Asociacion Agroartesanal de Cafecultores de Rio Intag
(AACRI) in Ecuador. AACRI was started by local families as a form of
resistance to the destruction and pressures of resource extraction by
foreign mining companies in the Intag region. It provides an alternative
and sustainable (economic and environmental) form of livelihood for
local people through coffee farming.