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  • Deborah Ntawigirira Co-Founder & Managing Director
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Mighty Valley


Origin Burundi
Process Double Washed
Varietal Bourbon
Aroma Cherry, Winey Plum
Roast City
Body Delicate


This coffee bean comes from the highlands of Burundi via Deborah Ntawigiria and Consolta Ndayishimiye of Izere Coffee in Ottawa. The coffee cherries are handpicked and processed at local washing stations in Burundi where they are double washed and double fermented. This unique processing method results in very clean, bright flavour profiles and is a typical processing technique used in both Burundi and Rwanda.

Izere Coffee works directly with small-holder coffee farmers and cooperatives in Burundi. As a women-owned business, Izere also prioritizes the employment of local women in the leadership of their facilities and operations in Burundi.

You can read more about Izere here:

Hot tip! You can buy our Burundi coffee as a dark roast (Big Heart) and a light roast (Sunshine) together in our Izere Pack and taste the difference in the roasting of this bean!


Sunshine has a light tea-like body packed with a vibrant acidity that is balanced by juicy sweetness. The stone fruit aromas of cherry and plum come through in this coffee from the heart of Africa.

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