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Mighty Valley

Fool in the Rain

Fool in the Rain

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Origin India
Process Malabar Monsoon 
Varietal Kent, Typica, S795 
Altitude: 1200 masl
Aroma Toasted Sesame, Honey
Roast Viennese
Acidity Very Low

Roaster's Notes Fool in the Rain is characterized by having a rich mouth feel, syrupy sweetness, and low acidity. Roasted sesame notes and honey aromas come through in the aftertaste of this coffee. The taste is not too different then the classic Indian sweet Chikki, which is similar to the Sesame Snaps treats in Canada, but better!

A bit about the Monsoon Bean This Arabica bean is from the Malabar coast in southwest India. The Malabar coast stretches 845km along the southwestern coast of India through the states of Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

During the colonial period, coffee produced in India was primarily exported to various European countries, by entities like the British East India Company. Today, Indian coffee undergoes modern processing methods, including standard washing processes, similar to those used in coffee-producing regions worldwide. However, a traditional practice known as monsooning remains significant in some regions. After processing, certain batches of coffee are stored in open-air buildings during the monsoon season, typically lasting 3-4 months, to maximize exposure to the moist monsoon air. This process, known as monsooning, results in the coffee beans absorbing moisture, swelling to nearly double their original size, and developing a distinct flavor profile. While monsooning does contribute to lower acidity in the coffee, it is not the exclusive method used in Indian coffee production, and various processing techniques are employed by different producers.

We access this coffee via N.J. Douek in Montreal. 

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