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Fool in the Rain

Fool in the Rain

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Origin India
Process Malabar Monsoon 
Varietal Kent, Typica, S795 
Aroma Toasted Sesame, Honey
Roast Viennese
Body Rich  

Origin Namaste. This Arabica bean is from the Malabar coast in southwest India. The Malabar coast stretches 845km along the southwestern coast of India through the states of Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

Before the independence of India from British colonial rule in 1945, coffee was grown on the Malabar coast and then shipped back to England for purchase and consumption. The coffee beans endured a long ship voyage to England during which the beans changed from a green colour to a paler yellow and the pH of the bean dropped, lowering the acidity.

Today, the coffee does not travel on a boat for 6 months, but is processed like most other coffees with standard washing process. However, after the processing, the coffee is poured into a burlap sack and is kept in open-air buildings during the monsoon season (3-4 months) to maximize its exposure to the monsoon air. The cherry absorbs moisture from the humidity and the beans swell to nearly double their original size, turn into a pale yellow/white colour, and become extremely lightweight. This process results in a lower acidity in the coffee.

Roaster's Notes Fool in the Rain is characterized by having a rich mouth feel, syrupy sweetness, and low acidity. Roasted sesame notes and honey aromas come through in the aftertaste of this coffee. The taste is not too different then the classic Indian sweet Chikki, which is similar to the Sesame Snaps treats in Canada, but better!

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