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Mighty Valley

Future Folk

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Origin Honduras
Process Washed
Varietal Typica
Aroma Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut
Roast Viennese
Body Rich


*Special Micro Lot: Israel Ramirez*
This single-origin organic coffee is roasted Viennese-style to allow for a full caramelization of the bean. This is an exceptionally drinkable cup with dark chocolate and hazelnut aromas, a rich body, and clean finish. 

These beans come to us (via Semilla Specialty Coffee Importers and Advocacy in Montreal) from the farm of Israel Ramirez, part of the Los Ramirez family of coffee producers in Selguapa, Comayagua, Honduras. Israel plays a leading role within the Los Ramirez group as an organizer and leader of local efforts to improve coffee knowledge and quality. 

Selguapa is a remote community in the Comayagua mountain range where the coffee farms are located at an altitude of around 1800m, some of the highest elevation coffee farms in the country. The elevation of this region enables the cultivation of Typica heirloom varietals, but its remote location has proved challenging for farmers in accessing the specialty coffee market. We choose to work with Semilla as they seek to meaningfully partner with and advocate for coffee producers through long-term relationships based in an ethic of care and respect.

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This single-origin coffee comes to you from the hills of Intag, Ecuador
via a direct trade partnership between our friends at Cloud Forest
Coffee and a local farmers’ cooperative, Asociacion Agroartesanal de Cafecultores de Rio Intag
(AACRI) in Ecuador. AACRI was started by local families as a form of
resistance to the destruction and pressures of resource extraction by
foreign mining companies in the Intag region. It provides an alternative
and sustainable (economic and environmental) form of livelihood for
local people through coffee farming.