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Robusta Move

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Mighty Valley

Origin India
Process Washed
Varietal Robusta
Aroma Earthy Bitter
Roast Viennese
Body Full

Origin These coffee beans come from the highlights of India’s southern states, a region known for its robusta varietals. We source these beans through Kencaf importing, a green coffee importer based in Markham, ON which works with a network of growers, distributors, and cooperatives around the world.

Roaster's Notes Robusta Move will get you going! Robusta beans are not as prized as the Arabica varietal because they just don’t taste as good. Robusta beans typically pack about twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans, which creates a bitter coffee profile. If you are in it for the caffeine and not the subtle chocolate or fruity flavours, this roast is for you.