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Mighty Valley

Soul Rebel by Romeo Jimenez

Soul Rebel by Romeo Jimenez

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Origin Caserìo Cañalitos, Casillas, Santa Rosa, Guatemala
Process Washed
Varietal Yellow Catuai, Panche San Ramón 
Aroma Caramel, Red Fruit
Roast City 
Body Supple  

Producer Romeo Jimenez
Farm size 3 hectares
Altitude 18000 masl
Farmgate price 1750 Quetzal per quintal parchment coffee 
Local farmgate price 1100-1500 Quetzal per quintal parchment coffee
FOB $3.40USD/lb 

We access this coffee via Semilla Coffee Importers and Advocacy in Montreal. Learn more about Semilla’s program with the Cafe Colis Resistencia  here

Processing details Cherries are collected and daily delivered to a co-operative wet mill operated by the Jimenez family. The cherries are depulped in an ecopulpler the same day before being left to dry ferment in tank or in plastic bags for 42 hours. The coffee is then dried for 2-3 days on patios before being moved to raised beds where it is dried for an additional 14 days.

Roaster's Notes Soul Rebel has a crisp acidity and a lingering sweetness reminiscent of brown sugar. The sugary sweetness is wrapped in aromas of dried peaches and apricots. The whole package tastes pleasant and balanced.


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