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Mighty Valley

You Better Werk Decaf

You Better Werk Decaf

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Origin Colombia
Process Washed, Swiss Water Decaffeinated
Varietal Caturra
Aroma Earthy, Chocolate
Roast French
Body Full

Roaster's Notes This organic decaffeinated bean from Colombia puts in the extra werk in the flavour department to make up for its lack of caffeine. It serves up a structured balance between acidity and sweetness and all with a full body. The baker’s chocolate and savoury aromas shine through in the aftertaste.  

A bit about the FNC Colombian coffees are regulated by the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros (FNC), a private non-profit organization that oversees and regulates the coffee market and is funded by a special tax on all coffee exports. While the FNC makes mapping traceability and quality a challenge, it’s unique and long-lasting (since 1927) role is said to extend into coffee-producing communities by creating social and physical infrastructures and in investing in other industries to spur regional development and wellbeing. 


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